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    More than 6 million Australians will have access to free rapid antigen tests from today, but pharmacists fear widespread supply shortages mean they will struggle to meet the demand.

    Pensioners, veterans and low-income earners are among those allowed up to 10 free tests in a three-month period
    Pharmacies are putting on extra staff to cope with surging demand for RATs
    But a peak pharmaceutical group says the government's reimbursement rate of $10 per test is too low
    Earlier this month, and under sustained demands to make rapid antigen tests (RATs) free for all Australians, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced concession card holders would be able to pick up tests from their local pharmacies.

    Pensioners, veterans and low-income earners are among those allowed up to 10 free tests in a three-month period, with a maximum of five tests in a month.

    Demand for COVID-19 testing surged over summer and the shift by state and territory governments to allow the use of rapid tests put incredible pressure on already limited supplies.

    Catch up on the main COVID-19 news from Sunday January 23 with a look back at our coronavirus blog
    The situation is yet to improve, with RAT stocks selling out almost as soon as fresh deliveries arrive.

    Chris Freeman, president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), said pharmacies were having to put on extra staff just to cope with enquiries.


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